Christophe Van Riet | General Manager & Owner

"Our profession is also our passion and something we love to share …"

1994: Christophe Van Riet began his apprenticeship at the age of 15 with Jean-Pierre.

1995: Christophe entered the Francorchamps garage to complete his training on the latest Ferrari models, while feeding his passion for motor racing and antique cars. At the same time, he took part two times in the “355 Challenge” and the “Modena Challenge”. Additionally, he began to develop a special relationship with Jean-Pierre and Gipimo garage. That relationship enabled him to live intensely different passions.

2003: After a solid experience, along with completing a degree in management studies, Christophe took on the leadership role at Gipimo garage.
The fulfillment of this collaboration revitalized Gipimo. As a result Christophe took over the garage and set up GIPIMOTOR.
The three additional letters symbolize a renewal, dynamism and vision for the rejuvenated company, while seeking to maintain the traditions and respect for authenticity.

A decade later, the passion of the true self-made man for the Prancing Horse brand has become an obsession.