Gipimotor Gentlemen Drivers Club

Gentlemen Start Your Engines…
For over 25 years, the Gipimotor team has had the privilege of restoring and maintaining legendary cars.
With the 2012 season now coming to an end, we would like to thank you for all the remarkable experiences we have had a chance to partake in: from touring the world circuit to supporting exceptional automobiles.
It is now time for us to add a new chapter to this already spectacular history.
Since 2012 we have created the Gipimotor Gentlemen Drivers Club, the core values being: exclusivity, quality and accessibility to events.
Through this initiative, we hope to meet the repeated requests of the many drivers and owners.

Driver’s Meetings and Events
We offer a set of several “Driver’s Meetings”. In the context of these meetings, we welcome you into a friendly atmosphere, where we experience together another time period and discover, as insiders, the legendary brand through its past and present models. A remarkably pleasant evening spent along the side of these elegant ladies of the road.
It is also an opportunity to relive recent club events, through the presentation of photographs and videos, all the while sharing a friendly drink and a good meal.
Several major events are planned throughout the year : track days, rallies and meetings during big old-timer events.

Becoming a Member
To become a member, simply contact us at
The annual membership fee gives you unprecedented access to Driver’s Meetings and gives you the right to register to other events.

Each member can request to receive a "Pit Wall" pass to invite anyone from outside the club to events.
However, we insist on the exclusivity of the Gipimotor Gentlemen Drivers Club. In this context, we wish to limit the number of non-members to events.